EV Charger

We are excited to announce that brand new electric vehicle charging stations are available on site at all our 10 branches for our members.

Powered by Hypercharge, our new EV chargers are compatible with all major electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles and getting started couldn’t be easier.

Members can use it for free!

If you are a member of Provincial Credit Union, you can access these charging stations for free!  To access the discounted rate, simply email us at finance@pcu.ca and indicate the email used to create your Hypercharge account.  We will then set you up with a member status to get the free rate.

Regular rate for all other non-member users is $2/hour.

Get ready to Hypercharge.

Before you can use the new EV charging stations to charge your vehicle, you’ll need to download the Hypercharge mobile app. Download the app today so you’ll be ready once you arrive at the station.

Get the Hypercharge app:

How to Hypercharge your vehicle.

Charging your vehicle is as easy as plug in, activate, and go!

View the step-by-step guide on how to charge your vehicle or view the quick start video below.


Got questions about our new EV charging stations or having issues? 

Reach out to Hypercharge for assistance.
support@hypercharge.com www.hypercharge.com

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I download the Hypercharge App? Expand/Collapse

The Hypercharge app is available for iOS and Android, and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play respectively by searching for "Hypercharge".

Links to our app can also be found on the 'Drivers' page of our website at https://hypercharge.com/drivers/

2. How do I set up a new account? Expand/Collapse

Open the Hypercharge app and you'll be prompted to sign up for a new account. To create a new account, the following registration methods are available:

• Enter your name, phone number and email address

• Automatically register with 'Sign in with Apple', 'Google Sign-In', or 'Facebook Login'. Your details from these third parties will be used to register your new Hypercharge account.

Next, the app will ask for the make and model of your electric vehicle, as well as setting up a payment method.

Finally, you'll be asked if you would like to order an optional Hypercharge RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card from the app. This card can be used to quickly start a charging session without using the Hypercharge app first.

3. How do I find a Hypercharge charging station? Expand/Collapse

Locating an available Hypercharge charging station has never been easier. In the Hypercharge app, charging stations are shown visually on the 'Map' view as pins.

It's also easy to search for stations by entering an exact or approximate address to find chargers nearby, or by entering the known charger ID to view its exact position.

Once the desired charging station has been located, the app will show you useful information about the selected charger including the current availability status.

4. How do I order a Hypercharge RFID card? Expand/Collapse

The Hypercharge RFID card enables quick starting of a charging session without opening the Hypercharge app first. While entirely optional, we highly recommended ordering one as charging can still be initiated in places with low cellular coverage or when you may not have access to your phone to start the session. You can order the Hypercharge RFID card via the Hypercharge app

5. How do I start a charging session? Expand/Collapse

To start a charging session, scan the QR code located on the charger with your device's default camera app. This will open the Hypercharge app and guide you to start charging. Alternatively, you can tap your Hypercharge RFID card, if you have been issued with one.

After activating the charging station, plug the charging connector into your vehicle's charging port until you hear an audible click. To confirm charging has begun, view the charging status on the Hypercharge app or consult the charging station's LED indicator lights.

6. How do I stop a charging session? Expand/Collapse

To stop a charging session, simply disconnect the charging connector from your vehicle and place the connector back into the charging station.