Credit Union ATM

Access Your Account 24 Hours a Day with a Credit Union ATM

Your Credit Union Debit Card, together with your personal identification number (PIN) provides access to your Credit Union account 24 hours a day through any of the 2,400 Credit Union ATMs in Canada.

An ATM will give access to funds 24/7. So you can get cash in (or out of) your hands whenever you need too. Other functionality is available at an ATM as well, including transferring funds between accounts.

Your Credit Union is proud to belong to one the largest networks of ATMs in Canada. We call it the Ding Free® ATM Network. You can learn more about Ding Free® right here. Behind the scenes of the Ding Free® network are two national ATM Networks, ACCULINK® and THE EXCHANGE®. Simply look for any of the three Network Identification logos (also known as Network Bugs) on the ATM machine before you insert your card

Finding an ATM is just as easy as using one.

If you’re in traveling around the Atlantic Region, Credit Union ATMs all share a familiar look and logo to that of your Credit Union. Simply look for the yellow hands and globe with the horizon line below.

Going further West is a little bit different, as credit unions have many different names, brands, and logos. Don’t worry through, we can help you find an ATM anywhere across Canada here. We also have an app for that as well, which you can learn more about here.